Promotional Products

Branded Socks

Have you ever thought about advertising your company through a sock? Your customers and suppliers wear socks every day and are a great way to keep your brand in their minds.

Improves Brand Awareness and Recognition

What better way to ensure you are always kept in the customer’s mind. Every time they put on the sock they will see your logo/name.

Practical Product with Longevity

They won’t last forever but long enough to get your name across and more practical than most promotional items – who doesn’t wear socks?

Drive Growth

Let’s face it any promotional item can drive growth but the socks give a different buzz and a different reason for people to talk about you.

Increase Loyalty

As long as you are kept in the customer’s mind then they are more likely to come back to you. Promotional socks are a great way to achieve this.

Customisable Product

We can offer a large variety of customisable options for the socks for example we can embroider your logo onto the socks or we can add use exclusive yarns to make it stand out.

Promotional Products


We can create unique packaging ideas for you. We can produce cupcake socks, pizza boxes, calendars, Christmas crackers, ice cream cones and more…

Associated Products

It’s not just socks that we can do. We’ve also helped our clients to produce promotional items like mugs, keyrings, cufflinks, ties, travel pillows and more…

Promotional Products